Phil is Going Back to School

Phil's Office SignJust a quick heads up… Phil has accepted a position at the University of Maine at Farmington.

He will be the guy hiding in the basement of the UMF Computer Center sucking down caffeine and cranking out code 5 days a week. Web Developer is his official title.

With our new addition (Zoey, not the garage) it made sense to take steps towards making our financial world a little more stable, so this was an opportunity worth pursuing.

So far the work environment is very agreeable with great co-workers, good benefits, and a comfortable office with very, very red paint.

That said, if you’re one of those folks who likes to toss around Phil’s name for IT consulting, please curb your enthusiasm – He’s no longer taking on any new clients or projects.

Hey! Stuff happened! (A Person Happened, Too!)

Tiny Zoey, 1 Month Old

So we’ve been a bit busy over the past several months…years…since we last updated our page.

To start with, Kim (me!) got her Master’s degree from St. Joseph’s College of Maine in 2011.  She finished her coursework in August but due to college bureaucracy, her graduation date was officially December 2011.  She had the option to march in the St. Joe’s graduation in May, 2012, but she was very, very pregnant at the time.

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Catch Up…

Kim & Phil 2009It’s literally been more than 3 years since we’ve updated this site. D’oh! A lot has happened in that time.

Kim has started her masters degree at St Joseph’s. We’ve both started Deaning at Pilgrim Lodge. We’ve taken on the Youth Group at the First Congregational Church of Wilton, Maine. Phil has also joined the Christian Education Committee and the Church Council, as well as becoming an advisor to the Maine Conference UCC State Youth Council Executive Committee, and joining the Outdoor Ministries Committee as well where one of the first things he did was work to put together the new promotional video for Pilgrim Lodge (link is on their home page).

Most recently, however, we’ve launched a new website:! Anyone who has spoken to us lately knows that we’ve been more than a little excited about the upcoming Christmas Season, and our plans to create an animated light display synchronized with music which folks can listen to with their car radio. If you’re looking for news on that, then check out the new site!

Back From Camp

middlercampWe’re back!

We’re not sure what prompted us to think that 2 weeks of counseling at Pilgrim Lodge back-to-back was a good idea, but we survived and it really wasn’t quite as tiresome as we had expected.

We had a great 2 weeks with a lot of great kids and old counselor friends as well

Now that we have returned and recuperated, feel free to barrage us with the usual phone calls. We can actually answer them now……

A Fresh Start

After a long period of abandonment, I have finally found some time to work on our own site, rather than sites for my clients. Imagine that… We’ve moved to a new CMS backend, but it’s still an off the shelf solution. I just don’t have the time to write us something custom at the moment. More to come…

Summer Roller Coaster Trip Photos

hp14We’ve finally posted some pics from our Roller Coasters excursion this past summer.

We brought the camper and rode 27 roller coasters at Dorney Park, Cedar Point, Geauga Lake, & Hershey Park.

You can either view them in context via a lengthy trip report at (dead link, no longer exists), but if you’re just interested in the pics, you can find them in the photo gallery below.

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