Catch Up…

Kim & Phil 2009It’s literally been more than 3 years since we’ve updated this site. D’oh! A lot has happened in that time.

Kim has started her masters degree at St Joseph’s. We’ve both started Deaning at Pilgrim Lodge. We’ve taken on the Youth Group at the First Congregational Church of Wilton, Maine. Phil has also joined the Christian Education Committee and the Church Council, as well as becoming an advisor to the Maine Conference UCC State Youth Council Executive Committee, and joining the Outdoor Ministries Committee as well where one of the first things he did was work to put together the new promotional video for Pilgrim Lodge (link is on their home page).

Most recently, however, we’ve launched a new website:! Anyone who has spoken to us lately knows that we’ve been more than a little excited about the upcoming Christmas Season, and our plans to create an animated light display synchronized with music which folks can listen to with their car radio. If you’re looking for news on that, then check out the new site!

There’s A Monster In Our Yard!

We just posted a few pictures of our first (of many to come) yard decorations for Halloween. We don’t believe in the little stake signs you can buy at walmart, or the inflatable characters that need to be plugged in 24/7. Nope. This Frankenstein is 100% homemade. He is 8 feet tall, and constructed from wafer board and paint (plywood was too expensive for decorating with when we went to create him).

Want One? We also included the drawing we used as reference which is based on a coloring book picture. Continue reading “There’s A Monster In Our Yard!”