There’s A Monster In Our Yard!

We just posted a few pictures of our first (of many to come) yard decorations for Halloween. We don’t believe in the little stake signs you can buy at walmart, or the inflatable characters that need to be plugged in 24/7. Nope. This Frankenstein is 100% homemade. He is 8 feet tall, and constructed from wafer board and paint (plywood was too expensive for decorating with when we went to create him).

Want One? We also included the drawing we used as reference which is based on a coloring book picture. Phil scaled it down to 8″ x 4″ on the computer, added a 1/2″ grid overlay, and printed it out. We then drew a 1/2′ grid on the wafer board, and copied over each square 1 by 1. After that it was just a few minutes with the jig saw, and a lot of paint.