Summer Roller Coaster Trip Photos

hp14We’ve finally posted some pics from our Roller Coasters excursion this past summer.

We brought the camper and rode 27 roller coasters at Dorney Park, Cedar Point, Geauga Lake, & Hershey Park.

You can either view them in context via a lengthy trip report at (dead link, no longer exists), but if you’re just interested in the pics, you can find them in the photo gallery below.

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There’s A Monster In Our Yard!

We just posted a few pictures of our first (of many to come) yard decorations for Halloween. We don’t believe in the little stake signs you can buy at walmart, or the inflatable characters that need to be plugged in 24/7. Nope. This Frankenstein is 100% homemade. He is 8 feet tall, and constructed from wafer board and paint (plywood was too expensive for decorating with when we went to create him).

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Study Abroad – Oxford

In college, Kim and Phil had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in the UK, studying in Oxford.

It was a wonderful experience. If you are ever given the chance to go on this trip, do not pass it up. The study abroad program make this the most affordable and rewarding international trip you can possibly take.

Included here are a few photos from the camera we borrowed for the trip. We apologize for the quality.. It was a very old camera, even then.

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